LetterBoxer is A stylish alternative to the wire letter box cage

A solid wood letter box cage that folds flat when the door is opened then magically returns open when shut.

  • Do you find it difficult to pick up your mail off the floor?

    LetterBoxer makes it easy to access your mail without the pain of picking it up after it being strewn all over the floor.

  • Does your dog chew your mail…tired of trying to decipher your letters through bitemarks?

    LetterBoxer keeps your mail secure and away from your furry friends whilst safeguarding your postman from Chompers!

  • Need a letter catcher but still want to open your door fully?

    The LetterBoxer will fold when the door is pressed against a surface saving both the mail catcher and your wallpaper!

Hand Made in Morecambe, Lancashire, England!

The LetterBoxer was conceptualised and designed by UK artist David Handford. Letterbox is manufactured in David’s workshop located in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK. British made and manufactured and proud of it!

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No need for screws

Easy to Install on wood or UPVC doors.

EASY INSTALLATION – It cannot get any easier! Can be simply installed on any door within minutes without the need of special tools. No need for drilling holes and causing permanent damage to your door either.


I got this to safeguard my mail from the dogs! I needed something that could be mounted without screws as well and this did the job and looks amazing. I’m getting a new UPVC Door and I do not want to be putting holes into it. The LetterBoxer fits over the letter box flap. I love the finish very well made product.
As I am disabled, I use a walking stick daily to get my mail off the ground. I have also used various letter box cages in the past, however they constantly hit the wall when I opened the door and fall off. I stumbled upon this LetterBoxer lately and loved the look of it, it arrived quickly and literately took me minutes to fit and it works terrific, its high quality as well as cosmetically pleasing to the eye so if you like me have the letterbox issue this is for you. ITS SMASHING!!!!
If we missed out on the postman, my dog would eat my mail and rip it into bits. I purchased this to stop the carnage and it looks and works a treat. Big enough to hold all the letters and papers I get delivered. Also, easy to fit. Highly recommended if you have a rowdy mutt like me. I also have back/mobility issues so it’s wonderful I don’t need to bend down as much to obtain the post.

Looks great in rooms large and small

 Beautifully made and comes with a forever warranty.

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Here you will find answers to questions that are put to us and that can also help you.

The LetterBoxer Letter Box Cage fits around the letter box on the door and will not need to be screwed to the door itself so you should have no problems attaching it to your glass door.

The LetterBoxer will have no problems fitting a door with a panel even if it has extruding mouldings. We supply the LetterBoxer with an extra back bracket which you can swap out for the default in the event it will not fit. This alternative bracket which was designed for difficult situations. Please also remember we guarantee it to fit your door or money back.

If you stretch a rule down your letterbox and ascertain its over 340 mm or 13.3 inch you’re out of luck. However, if you give us a bell and tell us your letterbox size, we will see what we can do for you. We manufacture them in our workshop and compose adjustments for customers from time to time.

Nothing it comes with everything you need to fit it to your door.

Yes, it can and everything is supplied you will need to fit it to your door.

Yes, when it is pushed against a surface it will fold to about 7 cm thickness, then reopen by itself when the door is closed. This enables it to be fitted on a door where space tight behind the door.

Yes we treat the wood and fabric so it achieves BS EN13501 CLASS B.

Whatever gets into your letterbox, the LetterBoxer can handle it easily.

The LetterBoxer will fit a Letterbox 340 mm (13.25″) wide and 119 mm (4.60”) tall.

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Great Design

We have done our best to make the LetterBoxer easy to install and function fabulously.

letterboxer NUMBER 5 600 600 flat with center cloth


Made from solid birch plywood which provides strength and stability due to its cross-banded layers of veneer. Birch plywood is much more resistant to warping and bowing than other wood and provides smooth soft edges.  The fabric bottom panel and side are made with Heavy-Duty Outdoor Anti-Rip upholstery fabric which will wipe clean with warm water.


Designed to meet three requirements. Firstly, it had to be strong to withstand being attacked by a water buffalo to protect mail and newspapers when delivered. Secondly, it had to have the ability to fold when the door opened as not to restrict the door opening and to stop damage to the LetterBoxer Catcher and adjacent wall. Thirdly, it had to look smart and have a element of style.  We hope you agree with the construction, design and unique hinge we have indeed fulfilled these requirements.


The installation could not get any simpler. We designed it to simply clip to the back of your letterbox. The LetterBoxer will arrive flat with simple instructions on how to simply clip the LetterBoxer into place and fold it into shape with only a couple straightforward steps. A very easy process and no permanent damage to your door. If, however screws are your thing, we have added some screw holes on the back as another option. 

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keep mail safe

Does your dog attack the post when it comes through the door or worse bite your postie’s fingers? Did you know that over 2500 postal workers are attacked by dogs every year in the UK alone? Royal Mail says letterboxes should be a no-go zone for pets after a high court ruled that owners could be penalised if their dog bites a postal worker. Recently, the High Court has ruled that dog owners who fail to take steps to prevent their dogs from biting postal workers fingers through a letterbox.

In response to the ruling, the postal service is calling on owners to keep pets away from letterboxes in their home. LetterBoxer answers to this call!

LetterBoxer is a postie’s dream come true! LetterBoxer will not only protect your postal worker but may protect you from a criminal lawsuit! LetterBoxer is a must-have for every dog owner!


Mail dropping through the mail slot onto one’s floor creates a safety hazard when entering the house. Papers, letters, parcels are strewn and sometimes piled up making it difficult to even push your door open as the letters get stuck under the door. Or worse you shove the door open just enough to get inside and precariously manoeuvre your way around the mail trying not to step on it or worse yet slip on it!


LetterBoxer has a large catchment area allowing for all your daily deliveries such as newspapers, parcels, letters, to fit within it with ease. LetterBoxer will also conveniently fold upon itself as you push your door open allowing you to enter your house freely and safely!

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letterboxer back saver

Now no one really wants to admit they are getting older or have difficulty simply bending over. Bending over to pick up things off the floor may seem like an easy task but for many of us this is not so! It can be painful or quite frankly impossible for many. LetterBoxer is the obvious solution to this backbreaking pain. LetterBoxer will keep all your post in a secure slot that is off the ground and at a level that makes it easy to retrieve without having to bend right over.


Our front doors are an expensive so nobody wants to intentionally drill holes in them and cause permanent damage. The only other mail catcher on the market is a wire cage that is bolted onto the door causing permanent damage. The cage is unsightly and inflexible. LetterBoxer is a superior product that is stylish, customisable to accent your décor rather than detract from it and does not require bolting to your door! LetterBoxer is also flexible with a living hinge that allows you to open your door fully without causing damage to your mail catcher or your wallpaper! Win, Win!

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Very Sorry but the workshop will be closed from July 18th until Sept 5th. You can still order but we will not start production until we reopen. Because of this inconvenience coupon code GETBACKTOWORK will be automatically applied at checkout for 25% off your order during this period. Orders before this date will be sent as per normal. Thank you!