Stylish Letter Box Cage that Outshines Wire Cages!

Dog-Friendly Design: The cage’s layout deters your pet’s curiosity, keeping both your mail and your dog safe from harm.

  • Ingenious Living Hinge Design: Enjoy unrestricted door access with LetterBoxer’s unique folding mechanism.
  • Effortless Installation: Set Up Your LetterBoxer in Minutes Without the Need for Special Tools or Drilling!
Letter box cage on a door with a dog looking at it
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secure and bite-free mail deliveries.

Postman Protection: LetterBoxer offers a clear separation between your mail slot and your pet, giving mail carriers peace of mind during deliveries.

No Screws, Easy Installation on Wood or UPVC Doors

Installing LetterBoxer is a hassle-free experience. No special tools or drilling are needed, making it perfect for wood or UPVC doors. Simply attach the letter box cage in your hallway without causing permanent damage to your door or wall a perfect post box solution.

Discover the Ingenious LetterBoxer: A British-Made Solution for UPVC and Challenging Mail Slots”

Introducing the LetterBoxer letter cage—a brilliant solution for UPVC and challenging mail slots, conceptualised and designed by the talented UK artist, David Handford. Proudly British-made and manufactured in David’s workshop nestled in the heart of Morecambe, Lancashire, this innovative creation showcases his exceptional craftsmanship. Take a moment to explore our gallery and witness the ingenuity and artistry behind the LetterBoxer letter cage.

The Beauty of LetterBoxer

Crafted from high-quality birch plywood, LetterBoxer is a solid piece with a unique living hinge that allows it to fold upon itself when your door is fully opened. This clever design enables the cage to securely store your mail and keep your doorway clear, avoiding any slips or trips. The best part? It’s a back-saver, as it efficiently gathers all your post together at a comfortable height, eliminating the need to bend over. No more trying to force your door open while your mail gets jammed underneath it or leaping over the strewn envelopes with the danger of falling. With LetterBoxer, you can easily access your mail without any hassle.

There is nothing else on the market that can compare to this amazing product. No more need to be caged by other letter catchers. LetterBoxer is not only an extremely functional product, but it is also a beautiful piece of art that can enhance the look of any doorway.

Lette box cage letteerboxer room psd

Hidden from Pets, Protected for Life: LetterBoxer Conceals Your Mail from Dogs and Offers a forever Warranty for Peace of Mind!

Ingenious letter box cage designed to keep your mail hidden from your curious pets, Moreover, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that LetterBoxer comes with an unbeatable forever warranty.

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Does your dog chew your mail…tired of trying to decipher your letters through bitemarks?

LetterBoxer keeps your mail secure and away from your furry friends whilst safeguarding your postman from Chompers!

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Do you find it difficult to pick up your mail off the floor?

LetterBoxer letter cage makes it easy to collect your mail without the pain of picking it up after it being strewn all over the floor.

Letterboxer mail delivery lots another view

Need a letter catcher but still want to open your door fully?

The LetterBoxer will fold when the door is opened saving both the mail catcher, wall and your wallpaper!

Hand Made in Morecambe, England!

not only are you getting a top-quality product, but you’re also supporting a local Carpenter and business.

Meet David Handford, a British artist and woodworker who is passionate about crafting bespoke products for businesses and individuals alike. His love for his own dog, Judy, inspired him to create a solution for the constant damage inflicted upon his mail. There were only two products available on the market – an unattractive and bulky wire post catcher or a cloth mail sack which could be easily ripped off – both with major drawbacks. This led to the birth of LetterBoxer, a stunning, hand-built letter box cage that is sleek, functional, and uniquely British.

LetterBoxer is not just any ordinary letterbox cage. It is 100% British-made, and we’re proud of it! There’s no fancy production line here, just pure, unadulterated talent crafted in David’s workshop in Morecambe, Lancashire.

“I’m so glad I chose the Letterboxer! The quality of both the product and the service is amazing. It arrived quickly and was super easy to install. I bought it primarily to keep my postman’s fingers safe from my medium-sized dog, and it does that perfectly. We can still open the door without any problems. I’m very pleased with this purchase.”

Emma Howard

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering a LetterBoxer for your home, you may have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our product..

The LetterBoxer Letter Box Cage fits around the letter box on the door and will not need to be screwed to the door itself, so you should have no problems attaching it to your glass door.

The LetterBoxer is the perfect solution for fitting a door with a panel, even if it has extruding mouldings. We supply the LetterBoxer with an optional extra back bracket, which can be swapped out for the default if necessary. This alternative optional bracket has been designed for difficult situations, and we guarantee that it will fit your door or your money back

If you’re looking for a letter box cage that can accommodate a lot of mail, look no further than ours! If you stretch a rule down your letterbox and ascertain it’s over 340 mm or 13.3 inch you’re out of luck. However, if you give us a bell and tell us your letterbox size, we will see what we can do for you. We manufacture them in our workshop and compose adjustments for customers from time to time.

If you’re looking for a mailbox that can handle anything that comes its way, the LetterBoxer is the perfect choice. No matter what kind of mail you receive, this mailbox can take it all in stride, making your life a little bit easier. Whether you’re dealing with newspapers, letters, or small packages, the LetterBoxer can handle it all. So if you’re tired of your current mailbox constantly overflowing, give the LetterBoxer a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Letter Box cages come with everything you need to make installation a breeze. Whether you’re a DIYer or you prefer to leave it to the pros, our LetterBoxers are easy to install and fit a variety of door openings. Plus, we offer a variety of color options to suit your taste and home décor. So why wait? Order your new door today!

Our product can be fitted to UPVC doors without the need for screws, and everything you need to fit it to your door is included. This makes it quick and easy to install, with no special tools or expertise required.

The LetterBoxer letter box cage is ideal for doors that are tight on space. It easily attaches to the door and folds down when the door is closed, saving you valuable space. The LetterBoxer automatically pops back open when the door is opened, so you never have to worry about it falling off or getting in the way.

Yes, we treat the wood and fabric, so it achieves BS EN13501 CLASS B.

The LetterBoxer will fit a letter box up to 340 mm (13.25″) wide and 119 mm (4.60″) tall. Made from durable materials, the LetterBoxer is built to last. Whether you’re looking for a letter box cage for your home or business, the LetterBoxer is the perfect choice. Order yours today and see the difference!

Forever Warranty

Don’t settle for the cheap and vulnerable mail sacks that can be easily ripped off by determined pups, or the unattractive and obstructive wire letter box cages. LetterBoxer is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their mail secure, their door accessible, and their home stylish. With LetterBoxer, you can have it all – functionality, beauty, and British craftsmanship.

Order your LetterBoxer today and experience the difference for yourself. With our Forever Warranty, you can trust that LetterBoxer is built to last. Say goodbye to damaged mail and hello to peace of mind with LetterBoxer.

free Extended Back Bracket with every letterboxer for difficult letterbox slots

  • Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Forever Warranty.
  • Made with the environment in mind with PEFC and FSC® certified birch plywood and no plastic packaging .
  • Hand Made in England and Designed to last a forever..
  • Easy to install on any door and does not require any specialist tools.
  • keeps your mail secure and away from your furry friends.
  • The LetterBoxer Folds When the Door is opened allowing the door to open fully.

Discover More Benefits Of Investing In A LetterBoxer letter cage.

LetterBoxer is not only functional but also protects your postman or women from attacks from your avid guard dog. It’s a postman’s dream come true! The cage preserves your letters so that you can read them without bite-marks. No more apologizing to your friends and family for chewed up letters. The LetterBoxer is a game-changer, safeguarding your mail from those mischievous pets.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your mail management system. With LetterBoxer, you’ll enjoy a beautifully designed, practical, and durable solution that will not only enhance the look of your doorway but also make your life easier. Keep your mail safe from pets, protect your postman or postwoman, and avoid mail-related accidents with this innovative and stylish product.

Choose LetterBoxer today and transform your mail experience. Visit our shop to browse our selection, read real customer reviews, and place your order with confidence, knowing that you’re investing in a high-quality, British-made product backed by a Forever Warranty and a no-hassle return policy. Don’t wait any longer – order your LetterBoxer now and start enjoying the benefits of a secure, organized, and stylish mail management system!

Don’t settle for cheap, vulnerable mail sacks or unattractive, obstructive wire letter box cages. Experience the difference of LetterBoxer, the perfect solution for those who want to keep their mail secure, their door accessible, and their home stylish. Order your LetterBoxer today and enjoy peace of mind with our Forever Warranty and free extended back bracket included with every purchase.