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I did my best to think and test the design of the LetterBoxer to offer the best innovative mail catcher on the market to date! It offers a solution to your basic mail needs and then goes beyond with its inventive design and customizability.  I put much thought into how it would attach to the door and would find myself inspecting the letter boxes of friends and family as well as many days looking at all the door letter box designs as I walked to town though the long-terraced streets of Lancaster.


No, it won’t be suitable for all doors but I can confidently say it will for most.   I will guarantee if it will not fit your door just send it back in the box it came in and I will provide you with a full refund.

How Big is it?

LetterBoxer dimensions

How do I Install it?

Installation is very simple just loosen your letter box plate using the screws on the inside. 


With many letter boxes plates out in the world the screws can be found in lots of different configurations.  It is most common to find them however located under the inside flap or mounted on the inside plate itself.


Once the plate is loose simply slide the metal bracket at the back of the LetterBoxer over the back of the letter box plate then tighten up the screws.


Lift the front of the LetterBoxer up and fit the fabric side panel bracket lugs in the female slots and slide down on both sides.  That’s it!

Is there an installation Video?

No need for screws

Easy to Install on wood or plastic doors.

EASY INSTALLATION – It cannot get any easier! Can be simply installed on any door within minutes without the need of special tools. No need for drilling holes and causing permanent damage to your door either.

whats the extra fitting that came in the box?

It’s just an alternative back bracket.  Some UPVC and older wooden doors have extruding mouldings which inhibit the default bracket fitted to the LetterBoxer. 


Also, some older doors have very little room above the letter plate which makes it difficult to install with the default bracket.  This alternative bracket enables you to fit the LetterBoxer in these circumstances. 


We have included an Alan key in the envelope that came in the box so you can swap out the back bracket with this extra one.  You can also use this key to adjust the fabric side panel lugs in case they come loose down the road.  So, keep it safe.

I don’t have a letter box Plate!

AAhh yes well, we did think of that and we included four screws which can be used to fix the LetterBoxer to the door under these circumstances.  We made holes in the back of the LetterBoxer to put the screws through when fixing to the door in this way.

I still need help.

For any reason please contact us at the by any of the methods below and we will be happy to help you or take feedback you may have.  If you call and don’t get an answer please leave a message and we will call you back.  We all work in the workshop and don’t always get to the phone.


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