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Dogs are known to be curious creatures, and sometimes their curiosity can lead to some unwanted consequences, especially when it comes to your mail. If you’re tired of your dog chewing or attacking your mail, it’s time to find a solution. In this article, we’ll explore various methods to protect your mail from your furry friend and how a **LetterBoxer letter box cage** can make your life easier.

Why Do Dogs Attack Mail?

Before we dive into solutions, it’s essential to understand why dogs feel the need to attack or chew on mail. Some common reasons include:

– Boredom: Dogs may chew on mail as a way to alleviate boredom, especially if they are left alone for long periods.

– Territorial behaviour: Dogs may see the mail as an intruder and attack it to protect their territory.

– Anxiety: Some dogs may have anxiety around strangers or new objects, leading them to chew on mail as a coping mechanism.

Knowing the root cause can help you find the most effective solution for your specific situation.

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Solutions to Protect Your Mail from Your Dog

1. Provide Mental and Physical Stimulation

One of the most effective ways to prevent your dog from chewing on your mail is to ensure they receive adequate mental and physical stimulation. Engaging your dog in regular exercise and playtime can help reduce boredom and anxiety, making them less likely to chew on your mail. Additionally, providing your dog with puzzle toys or chew toys can help satisfy their need to chew and keep them entertained when you are not around.

2. Train Your Dog

Training your dog to understand that mail is off-limits is another effective solution. You can teach your dog the “leave it” command, which instructs them to ignore the mail and focus their attention elsewhere. Consistent training and positive reinforcement can help your dog learn to leave the mail alone, protecting your important documents from damage.

Create a Barrier

Creating a barrier between your dog and the mail can also be a useful method to prevent mail damage. This can include using baby gates, playpens, or rearranging furniture to keep your dog away from the mail delivery area.

Why a LetterBoxer Letter Box Cage is the Ultimate Solution

While the above solutions can be helpful in preventing your dog from damaging your mail, investing in a LetterBoxer letter box cage is the most effective and convenient option. Here’s why:

Trust pilot excellent rating

No screws required! LetterBoxer slips easily behind your existing letter slot plate, making installation a breeze.

LetterBoxer is also incredibly easy to install with no need for special tools or drills and no damage to your door.


Say goodbye to obstructed doors - LetterBoxer's living hinge allows you to use your door fully without any obstruction.

The LetterBoxer will fold when the door is opened saving both the letter box cage and your wallpaper!

1. Secure Mail Protection

A LetterBoxer letter box cage is designed to catch and securely store your mail, newspapers, and magazines, keeping them out of reach of your dog. This ensures that your mail remains intact, and you won’t have to deal with torn letters or damaged packages.

2. Easy Installation and No Door Damage

The LetterBoxer letter box cage can be installed on any door within minutes without the need for special tools or drilling holes, ensuring that your door remains damage-free. Its unique living hinge allows the letter catcher to fold closed when your door is opened, allowing your door to open fully without any obstruction.

3. Stylish and Durable Design

The LetterBoxer letter box cage is made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials and features a sleek design that enhances the aesthetics of your door. It is a more attractive alternative to traditional wire letter box cages or cloth mail sacks, ensuring that your home looks great while keeping your mail safe.

4. British Made and Environmentally Friendly

LetterBoxer is proudly British made, supporting local carpenters and businesses. The letter box cages are handcrafted using PEFC and FSC® certified birch plywood, ensuring a high-quality and eco-friendly product.


Protecting your mail from your dog’s curious paws and teeth is crucial to ensure that important documents and packages remain intact. While providing mental and physical stimulation, training, and creating barriers can help, investing in a LetterBoxer letter box cage is the ultimate solution for convenient and effective mail protection. With easy installation, a stylish design, and secure mail storage, a LetterBoxer letter box cage will make your life easier and keep your mail safe from your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a LetterBoxer letter box cage fit on any door?

Yes, the LetterBoxer letter box cage is designed to be easily installed on various door types, including UPVC doors, composite doors, and glass doors.

How do I clean and maintain my LetterBoxer letter box cage?

Cleaning your LetterBoxer letter box cage is simple. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the cage as needed, and ensure that the hinges and latch are in good working order.

Can my dog still see the mail through the LetterBoxer letter box cage?

The LetterBoxer letter box cage is designed to securely store your mail and prevent your dog from accessing it. While your dog may still see the mail, they will not be able to reach it, ensuring your mail remains safe and intact.

Is the LetterBoxer letter box cage suitable for homes with multiple dogs?

Yes, the LetterBoxer letter box cage is designed to protect your mail from multiple dogs. Its durable construction and secure storage make it suitable for households with one or more dogs.

How long does it take to install a LetterBoxer letter box cage?

The installation of a LetterBoxer letter box cage is quick and easy, typically taking only a few minutes. Just follow the simple installation video provided by LetterBoxer, and you’ll have your new letter catcher set up in no time.

Additional Benefits of Using a LetterBoxer Letter Box Cage

1. Accessibility for Mail Carriers

The LetterBoxer letter box cage is designed with mail carriers in mind. Its large opening allows mail to be easily delivered without causing any inconvenience to the mail carrier. Your mail carrier will appreciate the added protection from overzealous pets and the ease of delivering mail to your home.

2. Forever Warranty

LetterBoxer offers a Forever Warranty on their letter box cages, ensuring that you are investing in a high-quality, long-lasting product. This warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that your LetterBoxer is built to last and will continue to protect your mail for years to come.

3. Versatility

The LetterBoxer letter box cage is suitable for various types of mail, including letters, newspapers, and magazines. Its versatile design ensures that all your mail is securely stored and protected, regardless of its size or shape.

Tips for Using Your LetterBoxer Letter Box Cage

To maximise the effectiveness of your LetterBoxer letter box cage, consider the following tips:

  1. Regularly check and empty your letterbox cage to ensure that it remains free of clutter and can continue to securely store your mail.
  2. Keep the area around your letterbox and LetterBoxer cage clean and tidy to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your doorway.
  3. If you have a large or heavy package being delivered, consider leaving a note for your mail carrier, notifying them that you have a LetterBoxer cage and providing instructions on where to leave the package.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a LetterBoxer letter box cage is the ultimate solution for protecting your mail from your dog and keeping your home tidy and organised. It’s easy installation, secure mail storage, and stylish design make it a valuable addition to any home. By investing in a LetterBoxer letter box cage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your important mail is safe from your dog’s curious paws and teeth, and focus on enjoying the many benefits of pet ownership without the worry of damaged mail.

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