Dog looking out of a mail box

Every pet owner understands the frustration of dealing with a pup that just loves tearing up the mail, especially when those letters are important or expensive. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll provide you with 10 practical solutions on how to stop your dog from destroying the mail so that you can keep your pet and your post safe and sound.

Dog looking out of a mail box


If your dog is anything like ours, then they probably love anything that comes in the letter box – be it a package, a letter, or even just some ads. Unfortunately, this can often lead to your dog destroying the contents of the mail before you have a chance to open it. While it may seem like a minor issue especially if they are eating the gas bill, this can actually be quite costly and frustrating, especially if they are nipping the postal workers fingers.

Hopefully one (or more) of these solutions will work for you and help stop your dog from destroying the mail!

9 Tips to Discourage Dogs from Damaging Mail

  1. Train your dog to “leave it.” Teaching your dog to leave items alone when commanded can be useful in preventing them from damaging mail that comes through the mail slot.
  2. Keep your dog occupied. Bored dogs are more likely to engage in destructive behaviours, so make sure your dog has plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied.
  3. Use a Letter Box Cage. Mail catchers can be installed on the inside of your door to catch mail as it comes through the slot, preventing your dog from getting to it.
  4. Put up a physical barrier. Use a gate or screen door to block your dog’s access to the mail slot.
  5. Use a spray bottle. Fill a spray bottle with water and use it to spray your dog if they attempt to damage mail that comes through the slot.
  6. Use a loud noise. Make a loud noise, such as clapping or shaking a can filled with pennies, to startle your dog and distract them from damaging mail.
  7. Use a mail slot guard. These guards can be purchased online and can be installed over the mail slot to prevent your dog from reaching through and damaging mail.
  8. Keep your dog on a leash. When you know the postie is coming, keep your dog on a leash so that you can control their access to the mail slot.
  9. Use positive reinforcement. Reward your dog with treats and praise when they leave the mail alone, to reinforce the behaviour you want.

Stay Calm

If your dog is destroying the mail, it’s important to stay calm. This can be a difficult situation to deal with, but it’s important to remember that getting angry will only make the problem worse. Stay calm and follow the tips below to stop your dog from destroying the mail.

A postal working with a dog smiling

It is important to note that, if you are having a problem with your dog damaging your mail, it’s always a good idea to address the underlying issue and seek professional help if needed. Some dogs may have behavioural issues that require professional treatment, and a dog behaviourist or trainer can help you address them.

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