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The Mahogany LetterBoxer with an incomparable water gloss finish.  The LetterBoxer is a stylish alternative to the wire letterbox cage that catches mail from you letter box slot.

Beautifully made right here in the United Kingdom and comes with a forever Warranty.  LetterBoxer has a unique living hinge that allows the LetterBoxer to fold closed when your door is opened allowing your door to open fully and saving your walls and the box from damage.

The LetterBoxer will save your back and will keep your mail secure and away from your furry friends whilst safeguarding your postman from Chompers …


Can fit a letterbox 340mm wide by 120mm hight

From its clever design to its customizable appearance, the Mahogany LetterBoxer stands apart from any other letter catcher on the market by far! Let’s walk you through the details:

LetterBoxer Construction:

The body is made out of top quality Birch plywood finished with a coloured-stain of your choosing and lacquered to add an element of luster and preserve the design.

The living hinge is key to this design and allows the LetterBoxer to fold upon itself when your door is adjacent to a wall. This feature also protects the adjacent wall and the catcher itself from damage. This feature is often ignored in other types of letter catchers which impeded your door from opening completely.

The side and bottom panels are made with Anti-Rip fabric that are easy to clean with a simple wipe with warm soapy water. Guess what, you get to choose the colour too!

The LetterBoxer has a large holding area that will catch all your letters, flyers, newspapers and parcels. You’ll never have to pick any mail off the floor again!

We are so confident in our design and the materials we use that we back them with our Forever Warranty.

LetterBoxer Customization:

LetterBoxer is more than a functional letter catcher, it is a piece of art that you can take part in creating!

Not only do you get to choose the distinguishing coloured-stain finish and the colour of the fabric on the side and bottom panels but you can add your personal touch on the face of the LetterBoxer. You can upload a favorite picture, add text or an inspirational quote or choose from our bank of diverse graphic art images. The possibilities are endless making your LetterBoxer as unique as you are!

LetterBoxer Installation:

We really could not have made it any easier. The LetterBoxer can be installed within a matter of minutes and does not require any special tools or even a drill. There is no need to cause permanent damage to your door either. Simply remove the face plate on your current letter slot, slide the LetterBoxer into place, and replace the letter slot plate. Easy! Watch our Installation Video to see just how simple it is.

LetterBoxer is a Problem Solver

Catches all your post!

Keeps your doorway clear and safe – no more forcing your way into your home or doing a balancing act as you try to step over your mail without slipping or worse falling.

Saves your back – LetterBoxer stores your mail at a comfortable height to retrieve so no more bending down to the floor.

Stops your pets from biting, clawing or chewing your mail.

Protects your postal workers fingers from Chompers!

Doesn’t stop your door from fully opening

Doesn’t cause damage to your door

Isn’t an eyesore

LetterBoxer is so versatile in its customization and utility that is useful for everyone to have. You can design one for yourself or LetterBoxer would also make a perfect gift for many occasions, especially for a New Home gift. If you want that special someone to help design it then why not buy them a gift card instead.

One last thing to mention is that LetterBoxer is EVERYTHING BRITISH. LetterBoxer was first inspired by my British collie, Judy who attacked the door anytime mail was put through. I am a British woodworker and artist and have proudly conceptualized, designed and now manufacture LetterBoxer in my workspace in Morecambe. Lancashire, UK. It is also important to me to support other local UK businesses and source all my supporting materials from within the UK. PROUDLY BRITISH!

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 22.43 × 38.4 × 36.44 cm
Fabric Colour


Body Colour


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