LetterBoxer our story


Creator David Handford is a trained artist and woodworker that operates his own traditional and digital fabrication workshop, Shadowdog Limited in Morecambe, England. David uses imagination and ingenuity to create and build bespoke products for businesses and individuals alike.

Meet David and Judy

LetterBoxer is a unique product that was conceptualised, designed and created by David. Inspiration to create LetterBoxer was driven by a personal love for his furry friend, Judy.


Judy takes her job seriously when it comes to guarding his house even if it is just a few fingers poking through the letterbox. The letters entering were often casualties and David grew tired of deciphering through the bite marks. Searching for a solution was limited as there is only two products, an unattractive letter box cage or cloth mail sack both with loads of drawbacks, on the market. David wanted a more functional option that would not impede the door from opening fully nor cause damage upon installation and not look like an eyesore thus LetterBoxer was born!

david handford and Judy

a piece of fine craftsmanship

 The LetterBoxer is beautifully made and comes with a forever Warranty.


Hand Made in Morecambe, Lancashire, England!

LetterBoxer was conceptualised and designed by UK artist David Handford. Letterbox is manufactured in David’s workshop located in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK. British made and manufactured and proud of it!

Very Sorry but the workshop will be closed from July 18th until Sept 5th. You can still order but we will not start production until we reopen. Because of this inconvenience coupon code GETBACKTOWORK will be automatically applied at checkout for 25% off your order during this period. Orders before this date will be sent as per normal. Thank you!